Q: How long in advance do I need to place my order?

  • The earlier the better! To order our kuih(s) at least 1 day in advance.
    Daily cut off time at 4PM, after 4PM you may still order for the day after tomorrow.

Q. Is there any minimum order?

  • For Àla Carte the (MOQ) minimum of quantity is 8 boxes. We would highly encourage to order more to make the delivery worthwhile!

Q. How long can the kuih(s) be kept for?

  • Given the nature of certain ingredients, kuih(s) are best consumed within the day of delivery. You can keep your kuih(s) maximum 3 days if you put inside the fridge.

Q. Do I need to store my kuihs(s) in the fridge?

  • Since it is going to be consumed within the same day, cool air conditioned temperature is the best. We do not recommend keeping the kuih(s) overnight and beyond. If you insist to consume on the next day, it's better to keep it in the freezer and steam it at a later time.

Q. I am vegetarian, which type of kuih(s) I shouldn't choose?

  • Please do not order Ma-Lai-Ko, Seri Muka, Ketayap, Talam-Keladi, Pulut Panggang, Kuih Jagung, Pulut-Taitai and Home-Made Kaya for vegetarian.

    Q. When is the estimated delivery time?

    • We have few selection for delivery time frame. You may choose / schedule your time range after you check out your order. If you have any specific requirement on timing, please do not hesitate to contact us on Instagram @nyonyalab, we will try our utmost best to meet your requirement!

    Q. What happens if recipient is not at home/uncontactable at point of delivery?

    • Please make sure the recipient is expecting us on the scheduled delivery time on specified date. Rider will not be able to wait for more than 10 minutes at the recipient’s address. If re-delivery is required, we will contact the sender subject to the distance of the re-delivery. This will also be subject to additional cost and feasibility.
    • We shall not be responsible for any damage cost if the recipient is not at the location/uncontactable after delivered.

    Q. Is your kuih(s) halal?

    • Our store only sells kuih(s) that is produced at the highest quality and is edible by our Muslim customers. We use halal-certified ingredients in all our products.

    Q. Where is your location as I would like to come over, pick up some kuih(s) now?

    • We're located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For the moment, we do not provide pick up facilities.

    Q. Why my kuih(s) is not receive within the time frame?

    • Please bear with us for the delays due to traffic and carrier availability.

    Q. I am planning to bulk purchase for individual / cooperate.

    • Please do not hesitate to reach us through our Instagram : @nyonyalab (faster response) / email : nyonyalab@gmail.com

    Q. How to I cancel my order?

    • Once payment is made it is non-refundable. You may postpone your order to another date.

    Q. How can I make payment? 

    • You may make the payment through FPX transfer, eg. maybank2u, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank and etc.
    • If you face any problems / technical issues on making payment, kindly reach us on Instagram : @nyonyalab / email : nyonyalab@gmail.com